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Our audits are uniquely designed not only to serve as a compliance tool, but to assist the company in managing its operations better. The engagement typically begins with a determined effort to understand your business almost as well as you do. We analyze this knowledge to identify risks, evaluate controls and trends in the company's performance and finances and plan the most cost effective service.

At the completion of each of our audits we provide management with management letters that offer advice on ways to strengthen internal controls, reduce business risk, improve profitability and drive better and accurate financial reports. In addition we provide our clients with a report on our analysis of the performance and finances provides, which provides insight into the direction their key financial indicators are moving.

To ensure that we can provide a value added service we plan and execute some of our audit procedures, such as risk and control reviews, midyear. We agree a fixed fee at the start of the year with a proportion billed for procedures executed prior to year. An outcome of this approach is that client has an opportunity to take corrective action long before the year end.

While our clients count on us to serve their needs, we also take seriously our role as Chartered Accountants - professionals who are obligated to ensure that the users of financial statements have information they can trust. We take this duty so seriously that we would rather lose an engagement than compromise on this duty.


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