Registeration of Companies & Accounting Services

When providing accounting services, we utilize a risk-sensitive approach that takes into consideration the specific abilities of our client's internal accounting staff, any financial disclosure requirements and regulatory compliance issues. This approach minimizes risks by assessing the level of sophistication of our client's financial operations while at the same time minimizing excessive fees. We examine a company's operations with a fresh perspective and make observations and recommendations that are substantive, relevant and practical.

We provide the following services:

- Management Accounting and Reporting

We prepare monthly, quarterly or annual accounts from your own accounting records. As an additional service, based on the accounts, we will also report to management on the business performance for the period, highlighting areas of concern.

- Accounting systems setup and improvement
This service is designed for companies which wish to setup new systems and companies whose existing systems are not able to provide relevant information for decision making and asset protection. Typically such system either unable to generate financial reports or generate with a lot of effort reports that are late and unreliable.

- Registeration of Companies & Renewals Registered Companies
Filing of annual returns at the Registrar General's Department.

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